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If you're considering moving to a city basement or "Lower Level" apartment/condo you may want to contact the local DPW (Department of Public Works) office and ask them to provide the age of the water and sewer mains in your street and new neighborhood.  If they are recent then most likely you won't have to worry about a broken water or sewer main dumping gallons of nasty water or worse into your home.  If the DPW reports them as old (in many big cities the water/sewer mains can be 100 +- years old) then ask them if they are on schedule to be replaced.  It could mean the difference between a cozy comfortable dwelling and something much less desirable.  One call is all it takes.


Just received word from my local Realtor Association - The Central Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, that I have been awarded "Realtor Emeritus" status by the National Association of Realtors recognizing 40 years of active membership in NAR.